1975 Was a Good Year

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Hey Guys,

Do you member how much fun we had back in ’75? The great music (more about the music next week) the great basketball and football games; man we had a lot of fun! Remember the slang of the day? Everything was “kool” or “deep” or “heavy” or a “trip.” We wore clothes that define who we were and we ate lots of burgers that never showed on the scale. Hell, what scale– we were eating as much pizza and drinking as many shakes and soda as we could hold. I know, I know, I was a square, but I was having fun! And guess what, I can still eat all those things thanks to being well educated on the latest diets and exercise regimes. Yes, I’m looking pret-ty good for a soon to be fifty year old. I like the sound of that–fifty.

You know, 1975 was a good year, but so is 2007! I’m loving my life. I am doing what I want and being who I want to be. What are you up to? If you are fabyoulousat50 and proud, hit me back with the great stuff coming your way. This is the time to celebrate; you’re still here and as long as you’re here you may as well have a party. That’s my motto. Now, your kind of party may not be my kind of party. But like we used to say: “You do your thing; I’ll do mine… it’s beautiful. Ain’t that just kool, man?


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