I’m Counted, but Am I Included?

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I’ve attached this article (See link below) because it shares information about inclusive practices of major corporations; however, the picture is incomplete as the emphasis is on numbers and percentages. So, I wonder what the “community climate” i.e., the sense of belongingness, is like within the work spaces. Best Practices, for me, in just another […]

“I have a dream, today…”

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  Can’t you just hear Dr. King saying that? As I watched the over quarter-a- million Americans in the audience on August 28, 1963, I couldn’t help but wish that I was one of those 5-year-olds sitting on my daddy’s shoulders, not really knowing what was going on; but knowing that it was something special.  Dr. King talked about the […]


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If I ruled the world” “If I were President” “If This World were mine” These are title of old songs that come to mind when I think of what it is like to have almost unscrutinized power. You know, where I could make decisions that not only changed situations, but changed lives. What would I […]

On CNN Tonight …

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The word that Paula Deen got in trouble was the subject of a CNN special tonight. The host, a Black man had about 10 or more guests, mostly Black, taking about the use of the word. Many of the guests talked about not using the word at all; others talk about growing up hearing it […]

Diversity the new Inclusion

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Diversity refers to difference–any kind of difference. it bring to our attention the obvious and it poses a question. Inclusion, however, offers the answer–what we need to do about difference. We know all too well what is wrong and how we have mismanaged difference. Now, with inclusion, we find ourselves mending our relationships. We, with […]