Still Fabyoulous

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Two years into this thing and I’m still going strong. What are you doing? How ya’ livin’? Life is great. Both my children are out of the house and we’re single again. Of course AC (after children) we’re still parents, but the day-to-day is different. They’re both in college. Thank goodness they’re finding their way. […]

Where’s The Party

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My birthday is in September, and I’m planning a 3-day celebration. I having at least 2 parties: one for the relatives and one for my fellow fabyoulousat50 friends. Send me your ideas about cool things that I can do. Right now, I’m thinking about reserving a large room at a local hotel, hiring a DJ […]

1975 Was a Good Year

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Hey Guys, Do you member how much fun we had back in ’75? The great music (more about the music next week) the great basketball and football games; man we had a lot of fun! Remember the slang of the day? Everything was “kool” or “deep” or “heavy” or a “trip.” We wore clothes that […]

Five Months Deep

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Welcome class of 1975; born in 1957. This makes us the class of 1957 and 1975! How ya’ living? Living well I’m sure. It’s May 2007, and almost half of us are 50 now. I know you’ve got some stories, so share them with us. Now, you’d better start talking fast, because when September comes […]

It’s Your Time!

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Thanks Lela for your wonderful post; such great words of wisdom from such a young woman. I guess if you live well, you learn a few things. I guess if you don’t live as well, you learn even more about what it takes to live effectively–making every lesson count. I, too, am excited about turning […]

I’ve Learned…

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A few weeks ago, I launched this blog to invite my fabyoulous sisters around the country to join me in the celebration of the half-century. My thinking was that since I am going to celebrate my life, I may as well invite about 2.2 million other women my age to join me. So I did. […]

Seasoned Fabyoulous Women

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Share with us, guys. Just because this is a celebration for rising Fabayoulousat50 women, does not mean your voice is not welcomed. By all means share with us. We’re just starting this journey; no doubt you have some valuable insights to share. I remember when I was in my 20’s, I had at least four […]