I, Therapist

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Thanks for all of you who purchased the “I, Therapist” T-Shirt this past weekend! If you’d like another one for someone special–colleague you admire; supervisor you want to emulate; supervisee you want to encourage; classmate who needs a lift; child you want to nudge/inspire—click on the Palpal link below and buy as many as you’d […]

The Power of Words

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Sticks and stones, like words, can hurt. Unlike sticks and stones, words can also heal: they have power. They possess this power because even without utterance words live; they breathe. But should you speak them, putting them into the air, the atmosphere, you will find that they change, changing you in the process. Let’s inhale […]

Movin’ On

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Something terrible happened. You goofed; made a mistake; said an awful, unforgivable thing; did something stupid—but now it’s time to get on with your life. Sounds simple, but if you are guilty of any of the above actions, you can’t. Someone in your head is telling you to hold on to it, to punish yourself […]

“The Word on the Streets”

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Listening to other peoples’ unfavorable assessments of us is hard to hear and even harder to get over. That’s if you care in the first place. A friend tells the story of the day he stopped caring about what others thought of him. A total stranger misjudged him and in the midst of his anguish, […]

How are you living?

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My fellow therapists, counselors, and friends with skills: How is it going? Are you getting the help you need? Pastors, who listens to you when you’re troubled? Man, if you are like me–have a heart for those that are hurting–then you need some TLC yourself. Once, while I was in graduate school (MA degree) and […]

Got Therapy?

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I do. I got and I need it. Yes, therapists need atherapist. It ain’t easybeing in this place,position of service.If you’re a therapist,reach out to me; I’m reachingout to you. Now, if you’re supertherapist–got your act togetherdon’t waste your time on me I’m looking for a therapistwho know how hard it isto take care of […]

The “I, Therapist” Concept

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I conceived the “I, Therapist” idea from another brilliant T-shirt Idea that I saw while volunteering at a screenwriters conference. The T simply stated, “I, Artist.” Immediately, I thought of the artistry of doing therapy. Of course, to there is a science nature to what we do as well, but the creativity, even spirituality of […]