Coaching with Care: What?

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… a coach who treats members of his football team with respect and honor

…players caring for each other and treating fellow team members with brotherly consideration

Makes me wonder what the rest of the coaches have been doing!  There is much talk in recent years about the brutality of football with all the concussions. Someone even asked President Obama if he would allow a son of his to play the game. Former NFL players were discussing if they would play in the Super Bowl knowing that they had a concussion. One admitted that he was not sure he had not already played with this injury. So, clearly there is a strong love for the game. But what has happened ( or is happening) that everyone is all in love with the Seahawks’ coach, who leadership style is clearly an anomaly.   At least, no one has dared to make it public as this coach has. Oh, I get it. When a group of youngsters wins the Super Bowl–convincingly, defeating the most “powerful offense in the league” including the “great and powerful” Payton Manning there has to be a magic pill. In this case, ladies and gentlemen, it’s humane coaching.  I wonder if other coaches think this is a fluke or will some of them try this “respect” thing. But that would be admitting that these gladiators are more than money-making machines; that they are actually men with hearts, spirits, and souls–not just bodies: bronze with little much else, say intellect. I can hear scores of players saying “I just love the game.” Well I wonder how much more would he love it if he had a coach who loved them.

Let me be the skeptic right quick. We’ll know how much this coach loves his players when one of them decides to drive drunk,  hit his wife or girl friend, or uses an “unacceptable” slur of some kind. Theeeeeeeennnnnn  we’ll know the extent of this caring relationship: when the team’s leader has to either protect the franchise’s image, OR take care of one of its own.  I know this is another post for another time, but I wonder when will the entire NFL begin to take care of its ballplayers. What we’ve seen so far is how quickly they can abandon these “men” when one of them “misbehaves.” The NFL as an organization needs to examine if in fact the humanity is  missing within its ranks–all of them. Could the league learn something from the Seahawks. Because it’s clear that winning Super Bowls and brutality are NOT mutually exclusive. Seems that you can win the Super Bowl with kindness, consideration, and yes, respect. This respect appears  to be not only within this single team but towards the opponent. If you turned your TV on the day after the game, you heard the winning team members’ excitement over winning, playing together, and having fun. I see an opening here for a new NFL community. But that’s just me:  I’m a woman, and I’ve never played a down of football.

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