Let’s Get This Party Started

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Well, women it’s official. The guests of honor are
here and we can get this party started!
The very cool icon and logo above is the
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Now, I love a good party. And party for me can
be anything from a well designed and facilitated
meeting to a simple t�ªte-� -t�ªte with my sister.
It is be a group of couples playing a word game,
or a room filled with sisters, laughing loud.
A party is my family coming together to celebrate
our family; or it is me and my partner talking
until 3 or 4 AM. A party is my dancing in the nude
just to feel free; or it’s me sitting with a cup a
tea watching the rain. So in this moment, the party
for me is that I am here and I am acknowledging
that you are there. And somehow we can feel each
other because we have come to know ourselves a
little better as we’ve matured. That’s the party
that I want to honor right now. Please join me
in our celebration.

I know that many of you turned fifty this year
or have celebrated with a sister-friend who did.
So share it with the rest of us. We can certainly
learn from you. Doesn’t matter what it is. It
could be anything from how you celebrated your
birthday to what you’ve learned over the years.
We just want to hear all about it.

Happy Fabyoulousat50 Birthday!

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