Diversity the new Inclusion

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Diversity refers to difference–any kind of difference. it bring to our attention the obvious and it poses a question. Inclusion, however, offers the answer–what we need to do about difference. We know all too well what is wrong and how we have mismanaged difference. Now, with inclusion, we find ourselves mending our relationships. We, with […]

Love Under New Management

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Wow, I just got back from an exciting evening of love making. Yes, I spent about 2 hourssharing with about 12 other women on how wemay rethink how we manage our love. We talked about not giving all our love away. Instead, we decided thatwe could and would keep some of our love to take […]

How’s it going

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From what I’ve heard, not too well. We just can’t do what our parents did. How in the world did they stay together?I know, I know, but do you supposethat they valued what they had built together over what they could achieveseparately. I don’t know, but I thinkthey may have been on to something.Let me […]

Why Stay Together Anyway?

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…Because you decided to; because your parents did; because you have too much to lose; because it’s “cheaper to keep her/him”; because of the kids; because you’d feel guilty if you didn’t; because you made a vow; promised God; don’t want to be alone; need someone to take care of you or to take care […]