The Movement Part 2

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Back in the late 50’s early 60’s a Civil Rights Movement swept the country. Great leaders like MLK, Rosa Parks and a host of other committed civil rights/human rights activists invited our country to look at its diversity practices. Of course, they didn’t call it that then, but the rights of women, Blacks, and the poor were championed in a way that we had not seen before or since. I believe they were on to something, but they knew that even in the midst of protest a different kind of change had to come before the dream would concretize. This very spirited, and yes, spiritual contingent knew that lasting change has to begin within. When I was in primary school we sang a song, “Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.” Knowing what I know now, I’d say, “let it begin in me.” The world we want, the peace we pray for will not come without minds changing or actions changing, and not necessarily in that order. From where I sit, we will have to change our actions and then give our hearts time to catch up. There was a lot of political action in the day, but I wonder how much heart action took place. I further believe that when we change our actions-do something different—it is a sign that our hearts have (simultaneously) changed. I believe we all want a more peaceful world.

I believe that Black people would rather live prosperous lives than retell and relive the stories of pain, suffering, and struggle forever. I believe White people would much rather be comfortable around their Black colleagues than the wonder if they have said something stupid, insensitive, or racist. But none of this will happen until we change our actions. The movement part 2, to my mind, is the answer. This is it. We are about to ignite a qualitative shift in the way we do human relations IN OUR TIME. Stay tuned.

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