Where’s The Party

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My birthday is in September, and I’m planning a 3-day celebration. I having at least 2 parties: one for the relatives and one for my fellow fabyoulousat50 friends. Send me your ideas about cool things that I can do. Right now, I’m thinking about reserving a large room at a local hotel, hiring a DJ who knows how to play Old School music, and have some intimate discussions about the music in the day. I love Earth, Wind, and Fire, but admittedly, I didn’t know what they were talking about most of the time. Stevie Wonder, my all time favorite, will definitely be a topic of “deep” discussion.
I am also going to have a pajama party with my closest ’75 classmates; and an old fashion Tea with a larger gathering of friends and a brunch at my favorite get-away. I am still thinking, though. I have other ideas for contest at my parties. Like, “name that tune” or make a list of the most popular slang in the day will be a few. If you have other ideas, post them. When this week of jamn’is over, I want to look back and say “I did it all.”

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