Your First Mind

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“…you know more than you think you know” This is my tag line for my weekly radio show, On tha real with Dr. d. (  In my profession we work with individuals and groups on relationship difficulties. We tell clients that they know more than they think they know for a number of reasons. My reason for reminding clients of this is because our “selves” talk to us all the time, and we ignore what we’re saying. Somewhere along the way OTHERS (outside of ourselves) have convinced us that THEY know better what is good for us. Or they have taught us that we must conform in order to fit in, be normal. To a certain degree that is fine. But, I believe in our effort to be like everyone else, we left the most  important aspect of ourselves underdeveloped. Our ability to intuit, to know, to believe, to sense is our MOST value asset. We are feeling, thinking beings. My invitation to you in that you get back in touch with her/him. How? Just slow down and pay close attention to your first mind. You know the one that says “go right, here” but you go left because you assume that she/he doesn’t know. Pop Quiz: How often is that person in your gut right?  Un huh, and you still ignore her/him. I wonder how much longer are you going to ignore that knowing voice. You could be where you going, instead of within the circles you are traveling. Go right. lol. Just kidding, “What does your first mind say to do?” Then do that.

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